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A.J. Hakimi

The Flipping Ninja
What The Heck Is "Flipping" Anyway?
Flipping is when you buy or acquire something (from a Thrift Store, Craigslist, eBay, Garage Sale, Pawn Shop--anywhere really), then turn around and sell it for a profit. Super simple.
something at a low or discount price
it: clean, re-paint, tidy up...
it at a higher price
What You'll Discover On This Free Training Webinar:
  • How almost ANYONE – regardless of age, experience, occupation, location, or free time – can quickly, simply, and easily earn $500/month flipping (it’s easier than you think… even if you’ve never flipped a thing in your life. This FREE Training will show you how to start NOW-- not 2 weeks from now.)
  • Experience MASTER LEVEL flipping demonstrated live right in front of you. You will gain a precise understanding of what flipping is supposed to look like, so you can model and replicate it quickly, then confidently rely on extra cash in the bank at the end of each month.
  • Secret fear of losing your job? Do you always have that dreaded feeling of just “never having quite enough money” every week? You ask yourself, “Will this feeling EVER go away? Why do I feel TRAPPED?” You're spinning your wheels, working long 40 hour weeks… yet still feeling down and out. If that's you, this is especially for you.
But It Doesn't Stop There...
  • Finally grasp the deeper strategies behind why some people make BANK flipping easily & effortlessly … while others struggle, get frustrated, even put in more hours – yet STILL FAIL MISERABLY! (Once you know these 4 Secrets, you’ll have the Midas touch – everything you touch turns into GOLD!) 
  • Do you love thrifting? Why not turn one of your favorite past times into a side income you can use to: pay off debt, cell phone billsremodel your home, buy a new (used) reliable car, treat yourself & your family to fun vacations, upgrade phones, pay for daily meals, more fancy dinner dates with the spouse, pay off car payments & student loans, down payment for a house? This Webinar will show you some of the most CREATIVE, EPIC things you can do with flipping (you'll be surprised)!
  • Learn why thousands of people are turning to flipping in 2018… people from all walks of life: Busy Working Professionals, Full-Timers, Students, Parents, Men, Women, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Introverts, Total Newbies, Techies, Unemployed, “job-to-job” People…
  • …If you're someone who gets FIRED UP at the thought of regularly making $200 in just 45 minutes of “work”… or making $900 on a single Saturday morning… or you who want a high-income skill you can feel good about that lets you be your own boss, call all the shots, and have 100% freedom and control over your life and fate... Register for this FREE Training Now! (while it's still FREE)
  • Why flipping is more flexiblemore fun… and more PROFITABLE than ALL OTHER 'SIDE HUSTLES' - COMBINED! (Uber included)
What Makes This FREE Webinar Masterclass So Special?
  • In less than 2 hours, you’ll tap into what cost me 10+ years and $200,000 to master… a high-value, money-making skill setall revealed to you on this FREE Live Training (no holding back, if you’re like me, you don’t like having your time wasted. I won’t waste your time with stuff that sucks or doesn’t work or is “vague” or “generic.” I’m the real deal, so you've nothing to worry about :)
  • If you’re tired of wasting time on the Internet, YouTube, Reddit, blog post after blog post trying to learn how to make extra money on the side or learn flipping, you’re in luck. This Webinar is NO-FLUFF & STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. You’ll get REAL, ACTIONABLE STEPS you can DO RIGHT NOW to make money.
  • Find out exactly WHERE TO GO and WHAT TO BUY (How do you know what items will MAKE you money and not of TAKE your money? It’s risky stuff huh? Don’t worry – this Webinar covers that.)
  • Sneaky little ad-creation secrets “The Pro’s” never tell you. Only a small percentage of people know these. Once you know them, you’ll be like a HUMAN ATM MACHINE who can print money whenever you please.
  • Learn how to make $400+/day flipping stuff – no matter what your schedule, lifestyle, income, experience level, or current situation is (you'll see why this is the greatest Webinar Training you've ever seen -- and I'm being modest).
Think I'm Exaggerating?
I'll Walk You Through The Whole Process
This isn't one of those dumb, time-wasting "online training things" that's "just whatever." This is real, live, raw and premium training you'll be getting from a THE FLIPPING NINJA HIMSELF -- who's done it & is living it now -- 100% FREE.
  • Change the course of your life FOREVERnot 10 months from now… Not 10 weeks from now… Not even 1 week from now… But in just 90 minutes of jaw-dropping material.
  • There are “2 Commandments”2 Rules2 ShiftsYou MUST KNOW THEM before you even THINK about getting into this ‘flippin’ stuff 4 cash’ business. Knowing these 2 things made me over $100,000+ flipping in 1 year. They will forever change your approach to flipping – if you miss this, you’re insane & doomed for a dry, “always-spinnin’-your-wheels-but-never-makin’-money” flipping career. After you learn them, write them down and stick them on your wall.
  • Have you always heard about “flipping” or tried it before with no luck? Gave it a shot, got frustrated then quit? If so, this webinar will change everything for you – It’ll INFUSE you with actionable steps, INSPIRE you, and POSITION YOU TO MAKE MONEY FAST (as we speak thousands of others just like you are taking charge and control over their income and lives using the principles shared in this free training—it’s that powerful & valuable)
Even The "Juicy", Insider Stuff Like...
  • A little mistake that cost me $10,000 my first year of flipping (and how you can avoid it in just 60 freakin' seconds)
  • A 2 sentence psychological trigger & tactic you can use to instantly add scarcity to your ads, forcing your item to stand out from the crowd (just add these 2 sentences to the beginning of your description to create a flood of calls, texts, emails, and buyers DESPERATELY EAGER and WANTING to pay you TOP DOLLAR ASAP)
 WARNING: The above tactic is powerful. Don't abuse it. Promise me you'll only use this secret ETHICALLY… when you need QUICK MONEY (and need to sell something for an above average price). Using it too often will diminish its effects.
  • How to take compelling photos that HYPNOTIZE, SEDUCE, and SELL. How to set up your listings clearly and concisely. Plus a 60 second trick that’ll get you 2x, 3x, 5x – even 10x more money on every single item you flip. (secret #3 covered in Webinar, it'll come quick so write it down)   
  • Actual, Live, Real “Take a drive with me” Flips from start to finish, step-by-step ($200 in 40 minutes, $500 in 60 minutes).
  • How mastering Secret #2 will make you more persuasive, better at dating (I know you’re like “Huh?!” But you’ll see what I mean), and make you get your way more in business and in life (this is the most important secret I've ever found but few flippers, re-sellers, and entrepreneurs seem to get it)
This Works For Anyone Who Simply Has The DESIRE (and ambition)
 To Make $400/Day Flipping—No Previous Experience Needed
  • If you’ve got bills, student loans, general living expenses eating away at you... Or the kind of debt that feels like no matter how much you work, it never seems to go down -- You feel like you’re sometimes locked in this abstract prison of debt and it’s driving you slowly insaneRegister now. Please. I’ve been there. Sucks. You owe it to yourself.
  • Stop Wasting Your Time. Stop Doing It Wrong. Find Out The Secret to Flipping Success and Happiness, and Apply It To Your Daily Life, Your Relationships, Your Career – and Your Dreams. 
You’ll Also Hear The Stories Of…
  • Sean the "100% Total Newbie" who paid off 3 years’ worth of Credit Card debt in just 60 days thru flipping (he never flipped a thing in his life before… first time – totally killed it) 
  • How a college dropout, fired from 3 jobs, made over $100,000+ in sales flipping stuff on his spare time (and how he also was able to walk away from his Full-Time, $60k/year job & have complete freedom because of it)
  • One six-figure earner’s story about why she started flipping things on the side for cash.
  • A married couple earning well over six-figures who started flipping to fund expensive hobbies, pay for their almost 40 firearm collection, dog expenses, vacations – and being able to spend wildly on passions without using a cent of their primary income.
  • How a mother used flipping to have at least an extra year or two to stay at home with her kids and finally have her “own” money.
  • How one man used flipping to buy his wife’s engagement ring… then pay for the wedding… and now save for a down payment on a house!
  • A guy who makes $200 per hour flipping (he only works 10 hours per month and rakes in $2,000 cash regularly)
  • Another complete beginner, new to flipping, who made $3,500 just last month.
  • And more! 
You Can Laugh at Money Worries—If Follow This Simple Process I Cover
However, it may be taken offline at any time without notice.
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